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Passport to Healthy Aging Expo

On April 28th, The Clare Estate hosted its Passport to Healthy Aging Expo. The expo enabled attendees to explore ways of keeping healthy as we age through various creative workshops. Our expo's lecturers ultimately showed that plans to maximize health as we age is ultimately what gives people a passport to success. Chelsea-Lee Hanke, Esquire and Lisa Temporado, COO/Medicaid Manager of Archer Law Office, LLC discussed the must-have documents for any senior citizen. These documents include a power of attorney, living will, and a POLST form. Having these documents in order helps make the aging process go much more smoothly. Armgard Kucas, Memory Care Unit Coordinator at The Clare Estate, gave a presentation on art interpretation. Our attendees analyzed works of art and described both their initial emotional responses to the artwork and their experiential understandings of it. Lea Gartenmayer of BAYADA Home Health Care discussed new approaches to treating Parkinson's dementia and LSVT. Lea discussed LSVT LOUD, which is an effective speech program for individuals with Parkinson's disease and other neurological diseases. LSVT LOUD ultimately helps improve vocal loudness through various exercises. Danette Manzi of Community Investment Strategies gave a presentation on mind games and brain exercises. Exercising the brain has many benefits including improved memory, faster thinking, increased concentration, and enhanced reaction time. Pheobe Shagan of Reliable Health Solutions, LLC shared information on Medicare's annual choices and changes. Pheobe also talked about how it can be difficult to navigate the process and the benefits from getting professional assistance. Rachel Lessing, Resident Services Director at The Clare Estate, discussed the many benefits of journaling. Some of these benefits include personal growth and development, stress reduction, psychological health benefits, problem solving, increased ability to think critically, and enhanced ability at self-discovery.

Thank you to our informative speakers! Lastly, The Clare Estate would like to thank our attendees, our dietary department for making the delicious homemade lunch, and all of our vendors. You all helped make the day a success.

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