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The Clare Estate Memory Care

Memory Care

Too often, a diagnosis of dementia feels like the robbing of good memories of a full life, not only for the person,but the families who endure this loss.  

At Anthony’s Walk, we create a home where new memories are created and shared, bringing joy rather than sadness.  


We are not a traditional care facility; we are a home specialized in the care and support of your loved one. Our commitment to the highest quality care includes access to 24-hour nursing – something usually not available in traditional facilities – and committed care workers who are respected and valued as critical members of our team. We pride ourselves on the longevity of care providers who really get to know and bond with our resident as an extension of your family. We understand our enormous responsibility in caring for your loved one and we look for ways to support you as much as your loved one.  Our family participation allows you to join us with whatever frequency you wish.

At Anthony’s Walk, our home is your home.

Anthony’s Walk Mission Statement

One may think Alzheimer's disease is the end of the story, in reality it is just the beginning of a new chapter that can be filled with Great Meaning and Purpose. We focus on the individual standing before us, not their disease and find joy in every resident's Journey. 


Making one resident smile can change the world, maybe not the entire world, but their world.

We respect that each

resident brings a unique perspective and rich history of lifetime experiences.

Our programming is focused on evoking positive memories, eliciting enthusiasm and encouraging interaction among the people in our community through a variety of ways, including art, poetry, music and helping even the most introverted resident find his or her voice. 



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