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The Clare Estate Resident Perspectives

Resident Perspectives

Your Family is Our Family

Welcoming, safe and secure, The Clare Estate offers unparalleled care at personalized levels, providing the most individualized service and attention to your loved one. At The Clare Estate, each resident is treated as a member of our family, and we are dedicated to bringing them the most comfortable and thoughtful assistance available. 

"Over the span of 20 months, Mom experienced the entire range of resources from the more independent monastery side to "the bridge" and then to Anthony's Walk where she passed peacefully in hospice care with loving nurses, aides and staff surrounding her and our family. The Clare gave Mom back some of the freedoms that she desperately missed while living in our The Clare, she was safe and well-cared for and she loved the activities and the people. We got our Mom back as she flourished in "her place" enjoying social interaction and activities each day. We couldn't have asked for a better environment and we are forever connected to the people at The Clare who provided amazing all around care for Mom's body, her mind and her spirit."

Mary Ann H

Daughter of Past Resident

“I want to thank all of the Clare Estate staff for all of the love and support you showed for my sister throughout her stay here. It was so gratifying for me to know that my sister was able to spend her last few months in such a caring environment, receiving excellent care and surrounded by people whom showered her with love. I am forever grateful.” 

Catherine C

Sister of Past Resident

“This is the best facility around. They take amazing care of all their residents. My grandmother was there for 2 yrs. The nursing staff was so caring and compassionate. I highly recommend them!”


Granddaughter of Past Resident

​“The staff at Clare Estates has been wonderful - everyone is friendly and dedicated. Mom has settled into her new lifestyle better than we could have hoped. She looks better, she's engaged socially, she's medically supported, she's even gaining a little weight with having well prepared, nutritionally balanced meals every day. We're very happy and relieved from worry - and so is she!” 


Daughter of Resident

"The staff at the Clare became like family because they cared so deeply for her and for all of us. Our grandmother was able to progress through all levels of this facility until she passed, increasing the level of hands-on care as she needed it. Obviously a lot of careful thought goes into selecting a place for a family member, but our grandmother and family all agreed “what’s not to love” about the Clare after seeing it for the first time and experiencing the comfort, warmth, and love of the staff here."

Heather H

Granddaughter of Past Resident

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