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Monastery of St. Clare 1970s

Our History

A Senior Living Community of Unique Historic Grandeur

The Clare Estate was formerly the home of The Sisters of Poor Clare, a Roman Catholic order of nuns for over a century.  A cloistered order, the nuns devoting themselves to silence, prayer, work, and sacrifice.

Referred by the sisters as the Monastery of St. Clare, the building was complete with a church, dormitory, refectory, library, crypt, and infirmary. The 10-acre property contained multiple gardens, a barn, and the nuns raised goats, cows, and chickens.  A wall was built around the entire property for privacy. In 1999, due to falling membership, the nuns sold the building to a family who envisioned the property as a senior living campus. This family still owns the property today and has turned it into a thriving senior living community. 


The monastery has been restored and modernized while retaining its original Romanesque architecture and historic details, including beautiful stained glass mosaics, original windows, woodwork, and fixtures. The original library is still used as a library, the chapel, which was deconsecrated, serves as a dining room, and the gardens are maintained both by
residents and staff. 

Many of our residents grew up locally and have fond memories of the Monastery. 
They remember the nuns selling eggs to the community and loved smelling fresh baked bread as they walked by. The Monastery has played an important role to the local community and we are so proud to continue its legacy.

A Look Back Through the Years

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