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Casual Conversations Series

Last week, The Clare Estate introduced Casual Conversations--a new series in which residents can meet with Guest Services Manager, Donna Krupa, on Thursdays and Fridays to discuss Bordentown history and other topics including gardens, travels, architecture, birding, and music. Coffee, tea, and other refreshments are served.

On Friday, April 6th, our residents invited Marketing Director, Cathy Chabala, to discuss the rich history of The Clare Estate. The monastery has been a part of Bordentown's character for as long as many residents can remember. The building first served as a boarding school, and then, in 1909, it became a home to the Poor Clare Sisters. Residents enjoyed cheesecake and other homemade treats while listening to the fascinating history of the building. Edith, one of our residents as well as an old-time resident of Bordentown, talked about how she remembers knocking on the front doors of the building to drop off donations to the nuns. People often dropped off donations of flour, butter, and sugar the nuns could use for baking.

We had a great time talking about The Clare Estate's history and look forward to meeting in the lobby for more Casual Conversations in the future!

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