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Happy Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day, our residents were treated to a special holiday party complete with heart-shaped balloons and a variety of homemade decorations on each of the tables. They listened to music while enjoying wine and an array of savory appetizers. Many of our residents reminisced about who their first Valentines were.

When one of our talented dietary staff members, Cassidy Walder, brought the cake she had made into the room, our residents' eyes lit up. Cassidy had made a beautiful, heart-shaped cake topped with fresh fruit and homemade icing as a surprise for our residents to enjoy. Upon trying it, our residents applauded Cassidy and complimented her on her amazing work.

One of our residents, Marie, commented, "My favorite thing about this cake was not only how delicious and beautiful it was, but that you could tell Cassidy put her whole heart into making this for us. There is nothing better than eating a meal that was made with love--especially on a day like Valentine's Day. You know it's good when everyone wants to take a second piece home with them!"

When our residents asked Cassidy about her work, she stated, "Baking and decorating cakes is purely gratifying for me because the passion and creativity you can put into your own work. There is a satisfaction that comes with knowing you've created something. It's the time from having a blank canvas to stepping back after adding the last detail that I really feel I have brought happiness to myself and others through something as simple and beautiful as food."

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