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Rocking Out The Holidays at The Clare Estate

On Friday, December 8th, The Clare Estate hosted its Rock Out the Holidays event. Our residents and their families joined us in painting holiday-themed rocks to hide around the Bordentown area as part of the ongoing kid-friendly scavenger hunt in town. When a rock is found, the finder uploads a picture of it to the Bordentown Rocks Facebook page, and then rehides it for someone else to find! It's always fun to follow the page and see when someone finds a rock that was painted at The Clare Estate.

While we painted rocks, we listened to holiday music and enjoyed homemade hot chocolate, a variety of holiday cookies and chips, and rice krispies treats! It was a wonderful way to beat the cold outside. Most of the rocks were hidden around the Bordentown area today, but there are still a few on display at the front desk if you'd like to stop by and see them. Thank you to everyone who attended. We had a great time sharing laughs and look forward to our next rocks event sometime in the spring!

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