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Our Dementia Dimension Expo was a Success!

On Saturday, October 21st, The Clare Estate held a Dementia Dimension Expo geared towards raising awareness about dementia and educating families on coping skills and techniques. We enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by our dietary department, and Exercise Physiologist, Heather Kennedy, kept us active throughout the day. The expo was a great success, and we want to thank all vendors, speakers, and attendees who participated.

We started the day with a presentation by our informative keynote speaker, Jackie Pinkowitz, board chair for the Dementia Action Alliance. Jackie is passionate about creating a better society for individuals and their families living with dementia and explained to the community how to view dementia from a person-centered approach. If you are interested in learning more about the Dementia Action Alliance, please visit the Dementia Action Alliance website.

Attendees also learned about the many types of dementia and how they affect future care planning with Training and Consultation Specialist, Danielle M. Micale. Danielle addressed many questions that individuals and families living with dementia often have and thoughtfully shared her own family's experience with her Grandma Millie's dementia.

Tom Callahan and Chelsea-Lee Hanky from Archer Law Office discussed how to go about making legal decisions on behalf of a person with dementia; they offered practical advice about what can often be a sensitive subject for many people. Language Pathologist, Megan Nahas, helped attendees gain a better understanding of cognitive, communication, and swallowing deficits associated with dementia and offered helpful tips for easing communication difficulties through planning engaging activities. Lastly, our speaker, Danette Manzi, educated the community about person-centered art approaches for people with dementia and assisted attendees in creating a unique artwork. Thank you to our speakers; by sharing your knowledge, you help others in need. Thank you to our attendees--The Clare Estate is a special place, and we are glad you could spend some quality time with us and walk away with a toolbox of useful information.

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