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Hidden Talents

One of our residents, Jean, is an outstanding artist! She painted her own version of Vincent van Gogh's 1889 The Starry Night completely freehand. At first, Jean was unsure if she would be able to paint the image well, but our Director of Therapeutic Recreation, Robert, was convinced she would be able to paint the complex piece of art. After Robert reminded Jean that she is great at drawing and blending colors, she decided to take on the challenge of painting like the post-impressionist painter. It was then that The Clare Estate learned Jean is not only a talented drawer but also an exceptional painter. Other residents and staff could not stop talking about Jean's version of The Starry Night.

Jean enjoyed drawing throughout high school. She painted on downtown windows and won first prize in a few contests. Currently, she loves drawing fairies, mermaids, and other fantasy creatures like the artists, Amy Brown and Jessica Galbreth. Jean stated, "I love drawing [fairies] because they live in a different world. I love anything that exists in other worlds."

When asked if she had any tips for aspiring artists, Jean laughed and said, "The most important thing you can have when you're drawing is an eraser. I can draw anything if you give me an eraser."

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