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A Day at the Art Museum

This past month, our residents went on a day trip to the Princeton University Art Museum. Pictured here are two of our residents who went on the trip, Addie and Paula. Our museum-goers were astute observers and commentators, appreciating the richness of color and the beauty of each piece that they stood before. Time vanished for them on that rainy April afternoon, and the sun shone on their bus ride home! According to the “about” page on The Princeton University Art Museum’s website, the Museum “seeks to bring the visual arts to the heart of the Princeton University experience for students, scholars, and visitors of all kinds as one of the world’s greatest comprehensive museums in an academic setting. By fostering critical thinking, visual literacy, dialogue, and empathy, the Museum aspires to enrich human experience and to strengthen citizenship.” If you are interested in seeing the amazing artwork that our residents got to see, please visit

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