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Tea and Treats in Honor of Mother’s Day

On May 14th, 2017, The Clare Estate had tea and treats in honor of Mother’s Day. Our Assistant Food Service Director, Olivia Miller, and one of our servers, Cassidy Walder, made gorgeous homemade treats for the occasion including chocolate eclairs, chocolate-covered strawberries, cannoli, macaroons, chocolate pudding with fresh raspberries, and cupcake bouquets.

Families and staff members initially thought the cupcake roses were paper flowers, and no one wanted to eat them at first because they were so beautiful! Residents and families sat in the lobby to spend time together and enjoy the tasty treats. After making sure everyone was served food and drinks, Olivia, Cassidy, and our Food Service Director, Gary, spent time with the families as well.Mother’s Day was truly special this year, and we thank everyone who decided to spend it with their loved ones at The Clare Estate!

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