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Cassidy's Culinary Inspiration at The Clare Estate

Cassidy made one of our residents' favorite desserts: coffee cake!

Cassidy Walder, one of our talented dietary staff members, had never cooked or baked prior to starting her job as a server at The Clare Estate. After working at the salad bar for a while, she eventually began baking desserts with some of our chefs and found out she loved it! Cassidy has received many compliments from our residents for the beautiful, homemade desserts she makes.

Her favorite desserts to make are chocolate chip cookies and simple yellow cake. She has been experimenting with these two recipes and has found different ingredients to change up the traditional recipes. Baking has been a great creative outlet for Cassidy, and our residents love her ideas and encourage her to continue making desserts.

Cassidy now plans on going to college for her associate's degree in culinary arts and seeing where that takes her in life. Cassidy stated, "I'm really happy with finding my passion for culinary arts at The Clare Estate because when I was graduating high school, I had no clue what I wanted to do in life. Now I'm positive this is what I'm supposed to be doing! I believe everything happens for a reason, and I was supposed to be put in The Clare kitchen to find my love for food and desserts."

Thank you, Cassidy, for all your dedication and hard work! Your passion for culinary arts is much appreciated here at The Clare Estate!

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