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Happy 100th Birthday Marie!

One of our residents, Marie Salvatore, turned 100-years old this past April, and both family and staff members came out to celebrate her special day! Marie’s family went all out for the day with beautiful decorations, homemade goodies, catered food from Toscano’s, and a delicious cake. They were also sure to include Marie’s favorite food, eggplant parmigiana, which she enjoyed so much she ate it all! Our own Piano Joe shared his musical talents by playing “Happy Birthday” on the piano for her. One of Marie’s favorite things to do is dance, so this was especially fun for her. Family members shared their favorite memories with Marie and said that throughout her life, she has cared deeply for her family and has always known how to encourage and motivate them. Memories, stories, and laughs were shared among all, and Marie had a great time as well that day knowing how truly loved she is. Cheers to 100 years!

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