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National Assisted Living Week 2016

This year, the national celebration of National Assisted Living Week took place from September 11, 2016 - September 17, 2016. The theme for this year was "Keep Connected," which allowed both our residents and staff to enjoy the many forms of communication that technology offers.

To kick off the week, The Clare Estate participated in Burlington County's Arts in the Park event; at our table, we did demonstrations of some of the artwork our residents do at The Clare Estate, including creating beads out of recycled materials to use to make unique jewelry. We had a great time sharing The Clare Estate's artwork with the community!

Beatrice and Rachel also led a discussion on selfies and social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat). Residents learned about selfies and how hashtags are used. They also took their own selfies and used selfie sticks! Our resident, Helen, commented, "I had never taken a selfie before, but I love being able to see what the picture with my friends is going to look like before we take it." She laughed and added, "It also makes it easier to double check that no one has their eyes closed!"

When our staff discussed how tweeting allows people to share any thoughts they may want to share with their followers, our residents came up with their own "tweets" they wanted our staff to record and share. Many of our residents' tweets were about the importance of hard work. For example, one of our residents, Theresa, tweeted, "Work hard and be honest. You will never get in trouble if you work hard and be honest." Once our residents created their own tweets, our staff helped live-stream them on our Facebook page!

Thank you to all who joined us in celebrating our residents and staff throughout the week!

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